My name is Karolina and I’m an Oxford-graduate Japanologist addicted to travelling. Although I write mainly about East Asia, I want to see as much of the world as I can. I always try to write about the history and culture, I try to take the less known paths, and get to know the „real” heart of the places I visit.

I have written several articles on being vegan when traveling and conscious traveling, and I always try to prioritise these two aspects wherever I go.

Currently I am based in Warsaw, where I am attending a prestigious Polish Reportage School, where I will polish my writing style even further under the careful eye of the best reportage-writers in Poland.

I can help you with getting access to few thousand engaged readers of my blog, who are a group of people passionate about getting to know the world.

I am open to all kinds of cooperation. If you are interested, please e-mail me at!

So far, I have published few articles in the Polish media, including travel magazines „Witaj w podróży” and „All inclusive”. Besides that I have written for a Japan-oriented magazine entitled „Torii”.

Last year I made two highly-popular presentations: one on being vegan when traveling, and other about „Unknown Japan”. The latter was seen by few hundred people and was a huge success!

Currently I am collaborating with a lifestyle magazine „Zwykłe Życie” (eng. „Ordinary Life”) – I have a series on their website on everyday life in Tokyo.

I am also active on several Social Media platforms (data from January 29, 2016)


More information is available in Polish here.

Hope to hear from you!